LUG Light Factory

Good design of street lighting – URBANO LED

22 octobre 2015

The Institute of Industrial Design selected the winners in seven categories in the Good Design Contest 2015. The title of the best product in public sphere category was granted to URBANO LED street lighting. It is another title of Good Design for LUG Light Factory.

- Good design is a significant distinction because the products are assessed by industrial design specialists. The winners of the contest are obligated to satisfy a set of criteria in both fields. In the Public Sphere category we defeated 14 competitors who qualified to the finals. It is an important achievement – says Ryszard Wtorkowski, the President of the Board of LUG Light Factory Sp. z o.o.

URBANO LED is the best choice for the category it has been selected in because the street lamp is one of the primary elements of the open public space. By illuminating streets and roads, it assures safety on roads and their surrounding. Thanks to high quality of light and its reliability, it assures a good visibility and helps drivers and pedestrians to react fast in dynamic road conditions.   

The reliability and long life of URBANO LED is a result of structural solutions applied – innovative passive cooling system and aerodynamic profile. The form of external surfaces shapes airflows in a way that guarantees its optimal cooling, regardless of the weather conditions. Thanks to this, the compact structure corresponds with power and lighting capacity which have been so far available only in larger products. 

- The correlation between thermodynamic, usage, aesthetic and aerodynamic features translates into functional values. The smaller fittings with an aerodynamic shape can be installed on higher or lighter aluminum posts, which can help investors have extra savings. As far as street lighting is concerned, the investors are frequently self-government authorities, and eventually – tax payers – explains Ryszard Wtorkowski.

Additional fittings have been designed in order to prevent from dirt and allow self-cleaning by wind and rain. Thanks to this, URBANO remains aesthetic and maintains its technical parameters for a long time.

The exceptional quality of this product results from the design made with effective illumination function and care for maximum work comfort in mind. Both apply to active users, that is fitters and road lighting service technicians. The product has been prepared in a way that one person can easily install the entire system. In so doing, the elements which could be dropped by an assembled who works at heights have been eliminated. The installation process has been divided into stages which allow the assembler to make it easily, and another assembler is not required. A clear fitting structure helps the user with regard to operation. 

- LUG design team has been working hard for a long time to make sure the products provide top-quality lighting and are user-friendly. The assembly ergonomics is a feature which facilitates the assemblers’ work, and investors can save time and capital. We design easy assembly for all new products, the proof is the line of LUGBOX products – adds the President of LUG Light Factory.   

The fact that the system is assembled by one person means that the installation and the entire investment expenses are markedly reduced. 

As we can see, URBANO LED’s functional properties, aesthetic values and savings correspond with one another, which confirms that our industrial designs serve to achieve multilateral benefits and savings. The industrial fittings’ style is not the most important, yet the modernity of the technology is reflected in its look.